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# This file is part of Parti.
# Copyright (C) 2008, 2009 Nathaniel Smith <njs@pobox.com>
# Parti is released under the terms of the GNU GPL v2, or, at your option, any
# later version. See the file COPYING for details.

from wimpiggy.test import *
from wimpiggy.selection import ManagerSelection, AlreadyOwned
import wimpiggy.lowlevel

import struct

class TestSelection(TestWithSession, MockEventReceiver):
    def test_acquisition_stealing(self):
        d1 = self.clone_display()
        d2 = self.clone_display()
        m1 = ManagerSelection(d1, "WM_S0")
        m2 = ManagerSelection(d2, "WM_S0")

        selection_lost_fired = {m1: False, m2: False}
        def cb(manager):
            selection_lost_fired[manager] = True
        m1.connect("selection-lost", cb)
        m2.connect("selection-lost", cb)

        assert not m1.owned()
        assert not m2.owned()
        assert m1.owned()
        assert m2.owned()

        assert_raises(AlreadyOwned, m2.acquire, m2.IF_UNOWNED)

        assert not selection_lost_fired[m1]
        assert not selection_lost_fired[m2]
        assert selection_lost_fired[m1]
        assert not selection_lost_fired[m2]

    def do_wimpiggy_client_message_event(self, event):
        self.event = event
    def test_notification(self):
        m = ManagerSelection(self.display, "WM_S0")
        root1 = self.display.get_default_screen().get_root_window()
        d2 = self.clone_display()
        root2 = d2.get_default_screen().get_root_window()
        wimpiggy.lowlevel.add_event_receiver(root2, self)
        self.event = None

        assert not m.owned()
        assert self.event is None
        assert self.event is not None
        assert self.event.window is root2
        assert self.event.message_type == "MANAGER"
        assert self.event.format == 32
        # FIXME: is there any sensible way to check data[0] (timestamp) and
        # data[2] (window id)?
        # 0 = timestamp
        # FIXME: how to check this?
        # 1 = manager atom
        assert self.event.data[1] == wimpiggy.lowlevel.get_xatom(root2, "WM_S0")
        # 2 = window belonging to manager.  We just check that it really is a
        # window.
        assert wimpiggy.lowlevel.get_pywindow(root2, self.event.data[2]) is not None
        assert wimpiggy.lowlevel.myGetSelectionOwner(root2, "WM_S0") == self.event.data[2]
        # 3, 4 = 0
        assert self.event.data[3] == 0
        assert self.event.data[4] == 0

    def test_conversion(self):
        m = ManagerSelection(self.display, "WM_S0")

        d2 = self.clone_display()
        clipboard = gtk.Clipboard(d2, "WM_S0")
        targets = sorted(clipboard.wait_for_targets())
        assert targets == ["MULTIPLE", "TARGETS", "TIMESTAMP", "VERSION"]
        v_data = clipboard.wait_for_contents("VERSION").data
        assert len(v_data) == 8
        assert struct.unpack("@ii", v_data) == (2, 0)

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