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xpra::server::XpraServer Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_listen_socket
def do_wimpiggy_child_map_event
def process_packet
def quit
def run

Private Member Functions

def _add_new_or_window
def _add_new_window
def _add_new_window_common
def _calculate_capabilities
def _cancel_damage
def _contents_changed
def _damage
def _focus
def _keycode
def _keys_changed
def _lost_window
def _make_keymask_match
def _make_metadata
def _move_pointer
def _new_connection
def _new_window_signaled
def _or_window_geometry_changed
def _process_button_action
def _process_close_window
def _process_connection_lost
def _process_focus
def _process_hello
def _process_key_action
def _process_map_window
def _process_move_window
def _process_pointer_position
def _process_resize_window
def _process_shutdown_server
def _process_unmap_window
def _send
def _send_new_or_window_packet
def _send_new_window_packet
def _update_metadata

Private Attributes

 Clipboard handling:
 Create our window managing data structures:
 Load in existing windows:
 All right, we're ready to accept customers:
 Create the WM object.

Static Private Attributes

dictionary __gsignals__
tuple _all_metadata = ("title", "size-hints", "class-instance", "icon")
dictionary _packet_handlers
tuple _window_export_properties = ("title", "size-hints")

Detailed Description

Definition at line 205 of file server.py.

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